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Episode 5 – How To Talk About Halloween and Being SCARED In English

In this week’s podcast we’re looking at the words and phrases you can use when speaking about being scared. You’ll also hear about one of the most frightening…

Episode 4 – 8 Tips To Improve Your English Pronunciation (part 2)

In this week’s English speaking podcast, we look at the final four tips for better English pronunciation (for the first four tips, listen to last week’s show), In…

Episode 3 – 8 Tips To Improve Your English Pronunciation (part 1)

This week on the podcast, we’re looking at the first four tips for better English pronunciation. Here’s more information on the links and websites mentioned in the show….

Episode 2 – Conversation Starters – Talking About The Weather

Native English speakers love to talk about the weather. In fact, native English speakers in general tend to talk a lot about the weather – especially those from…

Episode 1 – Relax! 6 Tips To Help You Speak More Confidently

One of the biggest problems when you’re learning to speak English is trying not to sound nervous. In this week’s podcast, 6 top tips for relaxing and sounding…

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