Shopping – Returning An Item

You can normally return an item after you’ve bought it – as long as you have the receipt. Here are some example conversations of what to say (and what to expect) when you return something to a shop.

Tip: Before taking something back, review these useful words and expressions.

Receipt = the piece of paper you get when you buy something, showing the amount you paid, the date and time of purchase, etc.

Proof of purchase = the proof (evidence) that you bought something at that shop.

Refund = when you get your money back.

Faulty = when there’s something wrong with what you bought (especially for electronic items)

Example 1

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Example 2

Here’s an example of a conversation when you go to return something. You can say “I’d like to get a refund” or even more simply “I’d like a refund”.

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Example 3

Here’s another example conversation. The speaker says “I’m afaid…” to show the other person that she’s about to give “bad news”.

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